Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Could you please keep my sweet friend in suffering in your prayers! Her husband died one year ago on August 20. She has been so faithful to God and through her blog she has shared some of her soul with the blogging world! I know this is a super hard time for her. Here is her link if you want to check in on her and come away feeling as if SHE has ministered to YOU!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

10 Things I have Learned Walking with God on the Path of Grief

A good friend of mine asked me to speak to some women in her town last Thursday. I was so excited to get to share some of what I have gleaned over the last 10 months about my God who has been so faithful, tender, compassionate and loving! It was soooo neat meeting some of the people who have been praying for me and my family and don't even KNOW us! I thank each and every one of you have that has been praying - we FEEL and KNOW your prayers.

The main focus of the talk was 10 things that I have learned this last year. There are obviously many more than just 10 BUT I am sure people wouldn't want to sit there and listen to me for so long - so, I kept it to just 10! I am just listing them without any explanation - maybe one day they will be chapters in a book!

1. God grants us the grace, the strength and energy needed for our circumstances.
2. God wants us to follow Him – trust Him – no matter our circumstances.
3. God showed me that I can soar on wings like eagles, that He would RENEW my strength, that I could run and not grow weary, that I could walk and not be faint EVEN and ESPECIALLY in circumstances such as these.
4. God makes us BOLD when we depend on Him.
5. That Brent's death is God’s PERFECT and Holy plan for my life and for my children’s life.
6. That trusting God does not equate to ease! But in the long run it does! It is easier to trust God NOW then to trust Him after the fact! The blessings are fuller and richer by trusting Him amid the storm.
7. I have learned that this year has been beautiful and fruitful and I am sad it is coming to an end! I have learned so much of God's grace, mercy, compassion and love through these hard months!
8. To look at life through His glasses and not my own! That it is out of His unfailing love and mercy that He does anything for us. He wants to shape me and mold me into the person He wants me to be – a daughter who reflects the glory of her Father!
9. That God grants peace and joy even amongst so much pain.
10. That I belong wholly to my God and that I am not my own.

New Contest!

Guess how long the new addition to our family will live! Her name is Peanut!

Monday, August 04, 2008

thought about applying for this one!!!!
(saw this hand painted sign hanging from a tree on the drive home from Rockport! anyone happen to know what "muy catalica" might mean? Jill? anyone?