Monday, June 30, 2008

6 weeks!

Can you believe it has already been 6 weeks since my dad got his wonderful news that his cancer was ... well not growing and not cancer?! Remember how the drs told him to come back in 6 weeks because they were so flabbergasted and not sure what to make of this man who came in needing a bone marrow transplant and within 2 weeks of testing had made a remarkable turnaround! Well, today is the day that he goes in a finds out the results of the test he had done last Wednesday. Obviously, we are praying for complete restoration - maybe you could too?! I am so thankful for the network of prayer warriors God has graced me with. Prayer DOES make a difference. He is with the dr right now as I am typing this - I will update when I hear something!

(updated . . . )

****GOOD NEWS ****
I heard from my dad tonight and he said that the cancerish thing is still shrinking and that they want to see him back in Houston in 4 MONTHS! Thank you, God for your sweet mercy to my dad!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

We are HOME

We made it home late Friday night - after 2200 miles logged on the road! We were very glad to all sleep in our own beds - BUT we miss our friends already! Don't worry, sweet friends that live here - we will not be moving! We might spend one month a year on the west coast - but NOT 12!

We had a geat time and it is late now - so I will post more later. We have a quick trip to El Paso tomorrow to see the Newsboys in concert and then I will post some pictures and details - maybe even a movie from our trip!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Quick Update

We are totally enjoying our California vacation and we are more than halfway done now! Each day has been filled with sooooo much fun - we are overloaded on fun but still hanging in there! I do not have easy access to the internet - that is why there has been no update! We will be home later this week and I will make a movie with all our pictures so keep checking! We miss everyone at home but have totally loved seeing all our family here in California! God has totally blessed us over the top with friends!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Broken In Revisited Part 3!

We made it to California - boy was that a long drive! My NEW (make sure you read that right! NEW) car did great BUT while we were driving somewhere in the desert a rock must have hit my windshield because NOW there is a 12-16 inch CRACK (make sure you read that right! CRACK!) in my NEW car's WINDSHIELD! What is up with this car?! I have never ever - ok! wait just a minute - I am having a thought! Well, to be honest - the ford taurus that we had overheated quite a bit, the mazda overheated quite a bit, the headliner thingy on my plymouth sundance fell and we had to staple it back up - it looks like maybe I do have issues with cars!