Saturday, July 14, 2007

WOW - The City is Different

Well, we went to Santa Fe and sure enough it didn't disappoint! We saw real life Zombies (ok so that is an oxymoron and I had to explain to C that is the reason we do not celebrate Halloween - she thought they were real- and BTW no pics of the Zombies, SORRY) in the St Francis Cathedral Park, there was a normal guy that actually warned us to beware of the zombies before we saw them; we saw a mouse sitting on the back of a sad cat who was sitting next to a big dog,we ate at Del Charro where their were angry waitpeople who were cussing wildly and we thought we just might witness a brawl, and lasst but certainly not least - we saw HEAVEN (see pics below if interested in what heaven looks like)! Here are a few pictures from our wild adventure!

The City Different

I love SKYPE! I love living in the technical era of today! Last night I got on my computer one last time to check some email and my girlfriend, Smile, from California with some other very fun friends who are on a scrapbooking weekend in Big Bear, called my computer via SKYPE. We both have webcams and so it was like I was there with them. I love this technology age where we can keep in touch with each other in so many more personal ways - than just letter writing. By the way - those girls were having way too much fun!!!

Today, we are off to Santa Fe to show Jenny the sights of "the city different"! I was looking on the Santa Fe website and saw this was their slogan. So, this just goes to show that we are in for a real adventure! We are planning on walking around the square and sampling some fine dining (suggested by the lovely Mr and Mrs J) at Del Charro. I will post our atual adventure in "The City Different" soon!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Aubrey's Post!!!! :)

Today we went to the orthodontist and I got my braces!!!!!!!! They didn't really hurt except for when they put the little X in between my two front top teeth. They don't hurt right now. So here are two pictures:

We are having a blast with our buddy from California. Right now we are playing our video games and switching turns playing. We keep yelling at it and B tells us to stop all the time.


Saturday, July 07, 2007

YET Another NEW Post

WOW! I am so overjoyed that there is still people checking in on me! I never expected to have 6 comments with my first post back!

We spent the day at our friends, Mike and Susan, painting cabinets and celebrating birthdays. I really tried to remember my camera so I could have pictures with my post - but I ended up forgetting and now will either have to have NO picture or wait until someone else blogs about this event and included their pics (Like Cody - totally saw you taking pictures!) and then I can steal their pics! This is quite the time of year for birthdays! Then we picked up our dear friend Jenny from California. She is in town for 2 weeks to hang with us. Check in on us to see what we are up to!

Thanks to Bob and Judy for the pictures!!

Thursday, July 05, 2007


So, I just figured that I would surprise the probably only reader I have managed to sustain on my blog and post a new posting after almost 2 and a half months!!!!

We have been having such a nice and relaxing Summer. We have been waiting and waiting for Laughter Thoughts and her family to come for a visit - We keep thinking that she might bring her sweet little Mowgli with her and of course all of her sweet little monkeys! We had to endure a 4th of July without them this year! We managed to have a good time though. We went to the Wrestling Mat's house and had a nice cookout and it rained! We haven't seen rain in ages (almost as long as you have seen a new post here!) Then we loaded up and saw fireworks. The wind calmed long enough for a great show, although I don't really think that the kids even noticed the fireworks! They were way tooooo busy launching their glow sticks into the dark.

We have been hanging out every Tuesday at the multi-generational center. They have a really fun sprinkler park and we just found out how fun it is to play follow the leader there! (I stole my pic from Blue Bicycle who also played follow the leader with us and she was wearing a skirt! You ROCK BB!)