Sunday, January 21, 2007


Well, it snowed again! At least this time it was only a couple of inches and it wasn't as cold so it didn't really stick to the roads. I am beginning to wonder if someone up and moved us to North Dakota while I was sleeping a few weeks back.

Have a great Lord's Day!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Happy New Year!!!


It is only January and I am dreaming on WARM Sunny weather! I am sorry that my bloggin has come down to complaining about the weather - BUT in all fairness the desert is NOT supposed to be this cold EVER! I was watching the news last night and they are forecasting more snow for tonight through Saturday and they say this is a BIG one! yeah - well they are just trying to cover their rears because last time they said we were just going to get a quick inch and 18 inches later we were covered!

Here is my picture for the day - I did not take this - just found it will DREAMING! Speaking of pictures, I found this challenge called A Photo A Day where you take a picture a day and there is theme to follow and paste it to your blog - I have set up a new blog with my photo a day pictures. If you are interested click here!