Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Summer Slacker

Sorry about the lapse in new postings. I am thinking that the ole blog is on summer vacation. We have been busy with swim team and getting up early and being tired all the stinkin time! Ok - so maybe I am the only one having a hard time with the early wake ups for swim team. I really love the sleep!

SB's big half iron man is coming up this weekend. He is saying that this is his last long distance triathalon. (we'll see!) So, if you think about it - send a quick prayer for him. He is thinking he is gonna be hurtin when he finishes this one. I on the other hand think he will do fantabulous! (new word - ok not for me - but am farely certain it isn't in the dictionary)

The kids and I are going to see Shaggy Dog this afternoon. We had a small glitch in our plans for the day and had to scramble to find something "fun" to replace it. I have wanted to see this movie and now is my chance. B wasn't very excited until we found a trailer online for him to see. (isn't the internet awesome?!!) Hope you enjoy your day and just know the postings will be fewer and longer in between.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I have been working on a new and exciting venture! My friend and her friend have started their own scrapbooking manufacturing business and I am designing papers for them. I am so stinkin (hee hee just to bug you Kelly- she thinks I say stinkin way too much!) excited to be doing this. They want to have a paper line for the CHA trade show this summer. I have been playing around for a few months now and have finally come up with something I am truly excited about and inspired by. Of course I can't show you what I am talking about at this moment but hopefully in the very near future I can unveil my first scrapbooking masterpiece.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Domestic Diva

Well the verdict is finally in and it is looking glum. I always thought that once that you had a laundry line hanging in your backyard that life was over! Not to mention being excited about having one - I have actually been wanting one all summer! Every morning we go to swim team and then come home and hang the swimsuits and towels over chairs. I just kept thinking how wonderful it would be to have a laundry line - so I found one at Lowe's that is retractable! (and I am so thrilled to have it!!) Notice the underwear hanging at the far end and the clothes pins in the lower left side (eek! did I really just say clothes pin?) Okay - at least it isn't in the front yard!
I think now I am an official Domestic Diva. Or maybe not. . . you decide!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Bahama Mama

Ok! I am back after a brief respite to the Bahamas. I know, it was really rough and mean of me to be gone for so long on the ole blog. I am back and rolling - so to say! (hee hee)

Anyone interested in our scuba trip and what we did? Well I will tell you anyway. We had a great time. We saw boats and planes that had been sunk for one reason or another (mostly to film movies - they say that most movies with underwater scenes have been filmed in the Bahamas.) On one of our dives we swam amongst the fish - our dive guide was on the boat feeding the fish - they were parrot fish and seargent majors. I think that was one of my favorite dives. We got to dive deep, I went 85 feet and Sb went 101 feet (shame on him). There was a wall (that is when the coral drops off from about 45 ft to 6500ft!) That was a little eerie but cool at the same time.

We also saw the fence that surrounds the area where Sean Connery's Bahamas house is! We also saw lots of rain - but we didn't mind it. We haven't seen rain or thunderstorms in ages! One night we even woke up to the loudest thunder ever - it shook our room. Not to mention that when you scuba it doesn't matter if it rains because you get wet anyway.

We went with a big group of about 65 people. Loved, loved, loved the people. Met some fantastic peeps! Wish I could've gotten to know them more.

I don't have too many pictures to post right now but will have tons in a week or two. The pictures here are the view from my poolside lounge chair and the hotel with stormy rain clouds behind it.