Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Summer Slacker

Sorry about the lapse in new postings. I am thinking that the ole blog is on summer vacation. We have been busy with swim team and getting up early and being tired all the stinkin time! Ok - so maybe I am the only one having a hard time with the early wake ups for swim team. I really love the sleep!

SB's big half iron man is coming up this weekend. He is saying that this is his last long distance triathalon. (we'll see!) So, if you think about it - send a quick prayer for him. He is thinking he is gonna be hurtin when he finishes this one. I on the other hand think he will do fantabulous! (new word - ok not for me - but am farely certain it isn't in the dictionary)

The kids and I are going to see Shaggy Dog this afternoon. We had a small glitch in our plans for the day and had to scramble to find something "fun" to replace it. I have wanted to see this movie and now is my chance. B wasn't very excited until we found a trailer online for him to see. (isn't the internet awesome?!!) Hope you enjoy your day and just know the postings will be fewer and longer in between.


tsyr mu (a loving mother) said...

so how was Shaggy dog? Did B like it? I didn't even know it was out yet. What about Cars? Did you go see it?

I talked to our local printer today. He is going to get back to me with some estimates.

Pinky said...

Shaggy Dog was funny and B did love it. I am not saying it was a stellar show but it made for good laughs - not to mention it was at the dollar show. We saw cars this past weekend and it was very good.

I am still waiting for my ai to come in the mail. It was sent priority on mon so - it should come today or tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

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