Thursday, July 06, 2006

Formal Apology and Fun Game

First and foremost, I apologize to my friend Summer for calling her a slacker. I didn't even make the connection because I have been so slow lately. So, Summer consider yourself apologized too!

If you read my other friend Kandid Kiwi's blog then you will see that I also am a copycat. I really liked her little game about picking a number and posting on her blog. In honor of her and her little game and the fact that Mrs. J says that this is official "come out of the lurking closet" day, I am also going to play a little game. If you post a comment on my blog and get closet to the secret number I have written down then you will win a prize. I will pick the winner in one week - July 13. So, you have seven days to play. Ready, set, GO!!!

OOPS - forgot to tell you to pick a number between 1 and 700.


Kelly said...

what are our ranges? you're already screwing it up!! i mean, there's millions of numbers...narrow it down a little bit! okay, i'm done ranting now...i need some sleep.

Kelly said...

Thanks, Pinkster! My number is 620.

Pinky said...

OK - I know you are out there! don't just be a lurker - come out and post a number. don't let Kelly win by default! You never know what awesome prize I will come up with. So, go on and post!!!!

yo_mama said...

My number is 333.

That was easy...I didn't even have to say why I come to your blog or anything. I will reveal that one feature I like is that every now and then I'll get a sneak peak at some of the newest, hippest stuff in stamping technology.

Anonymous said...

My number is 537. Love, Denise

Mrs. J said...

Aw, Pinks--I am glad you did the right thing and proved to the world that I am Not a slacker (lately).

Anyway, I read your blog b/c I need to hear whassup with one of the coolest families I know.

My guess...333.

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Your friends are really tough on you these days. Glad to see that you are through slacking!!!!!

My number is 96!!!

Your real "yo-mama".

LaughterThoughts said...

talk about summer slacking-- i haven't been on the internet in a couple weeks!:-) we had a great time visiting. little m (and l some, too) cried a lot. it was so sweet and sad.

anyways, i'm going with 419!

Patrick & Jasmine said...

Hey Pinks! I was thinking of you as I gallivanted around Texas this weekend. ~There's too much fun stuff to do around here~ I read your blog because I miss you tons, you're so down to earth & funny, and I admire your parenting skills. You make it look it so easy! Well, now I'm getting all teary eyed so my number is: 36.

Pinky said...

Jaz you are way too sweet. I am glad to hear you say some good things about Texas. We miss you too and have been thinking about you lots too. I hope you are feeling well and not so sick anymore.

LT - we had a great time and A cried big time and didn't want you guys to go home. She kept saying "why do they have to leave?" So I guess it is fair to say that we all want you guys to move home!!

Denise - you should get yourself a blog so I can keep up with you guys!