Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fort Wayne - Michele is that you?

Okay, so one of the fun blog toys I have on my blog is a blog map. If you have a blog, you really should get this. Click here to find out more. It tracks recent blog hits from various places. I have had visits from Egypt, Nairobi, Iceland and just recently I had a hit from Ft Wayne, Indiana - Is that you, Michele? If it is - I miss you! Leave me a comment so we can reconnect!

Post Swiper

I am stealing this post from Laughter Thoughts. She must have way too much time on her hands (hard to imagine with her monkeys). She found this site on the internet that will generate slogans for you. Here are a few of the slogans that it generated for Pink and Green Polkadots

  • There Ain't No Party Like a Pink and Green Polkadot Party

  • Fill it to the Rim with Pink and Green Polkadots

  • The Ultimate Pink and Green Polkadot Machine

See what you come up with!

Sunday, August 27, 2006


I have it on good authority that Sixbit is finally updating his blog! Check it out!!! I am not going to add what we are all thinking . . . it's about time!!!!

If anyone is wondering about the picture - well, if you knew Sixbit enough, you wouldn't have to ask! His prized bike and wheel set - the one that allows him not to get passed by those other triathletes with the number 60 written on their calves!

Way to go Sixbit! We welcome you back to the world of blogging!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Embarassing Moments

Here are those funny pictures I promised! They are of me with my head out the window trying desparately not to yack! You can see my face in the mirror on one of them. I know that I have a smile on my face in bothe pictures but I must assure you that it was one of those very painful smiles - remember my friend wouldn't stop laughing at me and I had to assume that I was a very funny site indeed, not to mention if the tables had of been turned there is a good chance I would've done exactly as she was doing - laughing my head off! Also, notice that my Lazy Scrapper is naked and I am about to use it improperly (in a manner that it was never intended to be used! Sorry Sillybug and Sandy). Enjoy and bring on the comments!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Alright, looks like Jazzy won my little contest. Email me your address again because you got a souvenier from the Pier!

Although we did try to find the Full House house but could not locate the info on the internet. We did make it to San Fran for a whopping total of 30 minutes. Here is why - I got carsick on the way over there! It was absolutely horrible. I had my head sticking out of the window and there was soooo much traffic! People were driving by laughing at me - not to mention Mar had the camera in one hand and the steering wheel in the other. She was just waiting to get the actual "yack" on film. I never did - and I am glad to rob her of that pleasure. She was just brutal in her lack of sympathy. I guess, what are good friends for? Seriously, once we parked we only had 20 minutes to get out and find souveniers and run back to the car and drive to the airport. Once we got to the airport only had time to pee and then get right on! We really cut it close with our little 20 minute splurge!

We worked our little fannies off once again and only once was I ready to get up and walk out. It was soo very crazy. I suppose that is what you are looking for when you are just starting out with a new company.

I am having trouble uploading pictures right now - so check back later for some funny pictures.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Another Day Another Prize!

I am headed to San Fransisco later this week to help my darling friend, once again, sell lazy scrappers! We will have at least one whole day to sightsee and am wondering if anyone has any good ideas for me. Let me know - if you have been there or heard of something totally worth seeing. For anybody's suggestions that I actually do and think it was so totally awesome I will send out a prize! So bring on your awesome suggestions!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

60's Bash

So this is what happens to you when you turn 60! Your friends and you - who are normally very respectable people - revert back about 40 years. that is my mom in the Cher wig and my dad in the Elvis wig. I guess that means that when I turn 60 we all be heading back to the early 80s! That could be a blast! I am glad that I have such fun going parents! Dad, I am very very proud of you!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Ends and Beginnings

The end of summer is here! School starts back on Monday. All the kids are looking forward to it and I am glad they are happy about going back. We had such a fun summer although I think we all are glad to get back into routine. There is really alot to be said for routine.

We are going through a change here with some of our friends moving away. We are so sad to see Kelly and Grant go, but glad they have a blog to keep us updated on their lives and then Mandy and Egan (as C likes to call them). Megan is pregnant and is moving before we even get the chance to see her sweet little baby. We will just have to be planning trips across the country. It is so much fun to get to make a clean/fresh start - it is just hard on those that stay behind. I just have to look at this situation as a time to make new friends! So bring it on!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Anyone sick and tired of leapord man?

New post just to satisfy all - actually, I understand the disappointment that you are met with to sit down with your set aside time and read THE BLOGS - only to be met with the same post you read the day before and the day before that. (see SixBit's blog for extremely old posts! - something about accomplishing the mission .... I guess he figured he had accomplished his mission so no need to post anymore!) So, here is a new post - also am hoping to be better since school is getting back in session and life is settling more into routine.

My new big endeavor is Turbo Jam. I am turbo jamming my way to a leaner meaner me! It is so much fun and I find myself dancing through my day. My sister and I are doing this together. Always better to have someone to do it with.