Friday, August 25, 2006

Embarassing Moments

Here are those funny pictures I promised! They are of me with my head out the window trying desparately not to yack! You can see my face in the mirror on one of them. I know that I have a smile on my face in bothe pictures but I must assure you that it was one of those very painful smiles - remember my friend wouldn't stop laughing at me and I had to assume that I was a very funny site indeed, not to mention if the tables had of been turned there is a good chance I would've done exactly as she was doing - laughing my head off! Also, notice that my Lazy Scrapper is naked and I am about to use it improperly (in a manner that it was never intended to be used! Sorry Sillybug and Sandy). Enjoy and bring on the comments!


LaughterThoughts said...

i zoomed in and saw that pained grin in the side mirror. poor pinks!:'( fortunately you didn't have to use the lazy scrapper (or mess up the side of the car!)... although, you're tummy probably would've felt better if you had!

back in college, we got hit by a freak blizzard over easter on a roadtrip from college to one girl's home in san antonio, we were stuck in dead-stop traffic on the highway for over 8 hours. i had to pee so bad-- it was the most horrible gotta-go experience ever! my friend volunteered to dump her betta out of his little travel fish tank and let me use it. i felt too bad to do that to the little guy... i ended up just getting out of the car and going on the road when it became obvious that the traffic wasn't going to be moving (they closed the roads because of ice). i opened up two car doors and got between them, but the sight still drew some horn-honking and hoot'n'hollering! and then on top of all that excitement, we got to spend the night in a red cross shelter!

Kelly said...! what about putting these on t-shirts?

Patrick & Jasmine said...

Poor Pinks... I get carsick too... I also had to zoom in on that side mirror. ~Painfully funny. Oh Pinky, only you could make the most nausiating experience funny!
Hey I just saw that I won! Very cool! I'm super stoked! I'll email you my address glad to be of help on your SF trip. (I've never been there) ~Jasmine

Pinky said...

LT - I remember that story and think it makes for really great memories!

Kel - good idea for a tshirt! :)

JAz - congratulations!