Friday, July 25, 2008

Texas sized FUN

Here are some pics from the last couple of days - I added a sweet girl who isn't a cousin BUT still had great cousin fun with us! Thanks, Megan for hanging out with us! Sure hope you get to come see us one day!

We are off to the Texas coast in the morning where Hurricane Dolly was so polite to hit shore BEFORE we got there! We are sure to have some great TEXAS fun on the coast!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Here we are in Texas! We just got here yesterday - we have big plans of hanging out with cousins, sailing with cousins, swimming with cousins, movie watching with cousins, playing tennis and volleyball with cousins, and more hanging out with cousins! This is our last fling before school starts. We get back the Friday before school starts - I will try to post during our trip -BUT I have made those promises before and they turned out to be empty promises. Who knows! I just might surprise you!
(please NOTE my HEALTHY dad!)
Also - check out what my friend, Denise, commented on the last post! It must've been something she read somewhere - CAUTION, it might - just might - move you to tears!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Turns out - Brent isn't really dead after all! He has been in San Jose vacationing! I recieved a PARKING TICKET that he got on June 16, 2008 for letting his parking meter run out!

Jan - at least it isn't a warrant for his arrest!

edited to say - ok! so he is still dead in body BUT quite alive with CHRIST!

ONE MORE EDIT: I called the ticet office in San Jose and the lady told me that it was a simple mistake of the ticket officer writing down the wrong liscense plate. That he must have messed up on one of the numbers. YEAH! Because even though I thought it was funny - I wasn't looking forward to the mess of dealing with it! Thank you, God for a little humor in my life!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

What happened to RINGO?

I am super slow these days - as evidenced by my blog! I just now noticed that I don't have a header anymore. Anyone else noticed?! I have seen that before but just thought my computer must be acting up or something like that - it turns out that my header photo was hosted on ringo and now they have decided to END the ringo website altogether! It doesn't really affected me too much - just my header BUT I think of all those people who had put their photos online at Ringo! WHat happened to their photos?! They simply vanished into thin air. BACKUP - I think is the word for the day! Remember to back up your photos. Have I backed up my photos you ask?!! NO! But this makes me think -

I will get around to making a new header BUT til then enjoy the grayish blueish plainish header thing going on!