Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NEW Etsy Shop

If anyone is still reading my blog - you should check out my friend's new etsy shop! She is making these adorable (because she is really talented) mini albums that all you need to do is add the pictures and the journaling! Check her out -

Monday, October 05, 2009

A Walk to Remember

Hi - let me introduce myself for those of you who have forgotten me since it has been 9 months since my last post! My name is Pinky and I am a WIDOW. (That word used to send shivers up my spine.) I am a new person! I have become a different person out of neccessity - I used to be Brent's wife but am now a widow. I used to be a parent in the home where there was 2 parents - now I am a single mother of 3. There used to be 2 persons that made me who I am - NOW I am but one person. These things change you - there is no denying that! Oh, the old me is still there but there is a new layer that is deeper and hopefully more compassionate.

Over the last 2 years I have grown immensely in my walk with Christ. I have learned things that are so dear to me that I would NOT trade them for ANYTHING! I have learned what it means to TRUST the One, that no matter what happens in life, is worthy of ALL trust. I have learned that I belong to God and all that I have belongs to God and that is such a FREEING way of thinking. I have learned that my life is NOT what I expected and in fact it is more beautiful than I expected EVEN though it is painful. I have learned that when you walk so closely with God you can't help but to talk about Him to whoever will listen. I have also learned that God has given me such an amazing group of friends. So many of you seem more like family than friends. I cherish each of you - even though at times you might feel more neglected than cherished!

PERSPECTIVE - this has got to be one of the biggest things that God has been teaching me over the last 2 years. I know that I tend to look at my life from my own perspective - and from my perspective it just doesn't make sense why God would take a man with a family in the prime of his life. However; when you change your view to God's - then it seems an honor that God would use Brent to reach so many for Him in such a powerful way! AND it gives purpose to the suffering. I think we get tied up in what we feel we are owed (i.e what we want for our lives vs doing what God wants us to do)to see past OUR own desires. My pastor, just recently in a sermon, said that sometimes we determine our needs - when in fact, only God has the right to determine our needs. God alone knows our purpose and what we NEED to fulfill that purpose! He even said that if we are true believers that we don't ultimately need to breathe! Bold, huh?! Think about that for a while - let that set in! The only real reason we would NEED to be alive is if we didn't have Christ in our lives.

Last year we ran away to Pheonix with dear friends to somehow avoid this day of remembrance BUT this year we will be staring down its throat. The kids are all planning on going to school. "A" wanted to make shirts we could all wear on Wednesday in honor of her dad. There is even a soccer game after school. After the game we are going to go to the cemetery with Brent's parents and stand around a stone in the ground and hold hands a remember God and what He has done for us this year! We will pray and most likely there will be a tear or two - but this year I am not afraid of that. Matter of fact I cherish it and am looking forward to it!

I know have grossly neglected my blog. Please don't misinterpret this post as a new beginning for my blog. I don't know what is in store for this blog - but for now it is an avenue for me to remember!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Blessed beyond Measure!

We have been blessed yet again! More Water and the Newnam's, from our church, outfitted the kids with snowboards, boots and binding for this upcoming snow season - which starts Saturday! I don't even know what to say - we thank you from the bottom of all our hearts! My kids are sure to be the coolest on the slopes!

Is is Saturday, yet?!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'll Be Home for Christmas - if only in my dreams!

Since my daddy was stuck in Houston for Christmas and very sad he couldn't come home to be with his kids - his kids took the camera with them everywhere they went and made him a little video. Hopefully, he feels like he didn't miss out too much! We love you, Daddy and missed you and mom alot this Christmas!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday C-BUG!

Today Cbug turned 11! I know it is so clichesque to say that time is really going so fast - BUT I IS! IT feels like just yesterday AND eons ago as well - that I was taking little tiny A to gymnastics on a December morning and timing contractions thinking that today could be the day! All of the sudden I realized that I had better get some Christmas shopping done after gymnastics because if this was the day then I was hosed - I knew that as soon as the sweet little CBUG made her appearance - I would NOT be thinking much about buying presents! So, off little A and I went to the mall - still timing mind you and calling Brent every few minutes to tell him they were still going strong! You see - there were still 5 days left before her due date! After I got most of what I wanted to get done at the mall - I made a final quick phone call to Brent and told him to meet me at home - where I wanted to clean for a while before we headed to see the doc!

Once we got to the drs - they made us wait in the waiting room for 2 hours!!!! You see, I didn't feel any pain JUST contractions! So the stinkin nurses didn't think I was in labor - Brent whispered in my ear to make faces like I was hurting so they would take me seriously! They finally got me back in a room about 4ish and as we were heading back the nurse looked at me and told me NO WAY was I in labor - sure enough CBug was born at 6:14PM - less than 2 1/2 hours later!

She has such a sweet heart for others and has brightened up my life! I am so thankful that God chose her to belong to our family! My prayer for her is that she will always have a strong connection with God and that He will use her mightily!

Happy Bday - SWEETIE!

(we had another dance party that involved the wave, balloon baseball, ice cream cake - thanks to Erin - lots of loud screaming, and of course DANCING!) I took lots of pictures but I am still in the same place with being able to upload them - I thought I had worked that out BUT not so much! maybe you can check here and here for pictures from tonight's festivities!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another SECRET SANTA Post!

Because you went to the back door this time (good thing it was dark when you were running off because we totally saw you! just couldnt tell who you were!) you totally missed the cupcakes and card we had at the FRONT door waiting for you!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Secret Santa - this one is for you!

You (well three of you, anyway!) were almost caught tonight! You guys are super SNEAKY and are making this super fun for us! I actually found myself singing Christmas songs tonight coming home from the grocery store! So, thanks for that!

We can't put the picture of us in our reindeer headbands up because - well, if you read the post below you will see that we can't upload pictures because I can't find the wires I need! go figure!

Don't let the fact that we are trying to catch you keep you away! See ya soon! Oh - and if you find a bag already on our porch - it's yours!!!

Merry Christmas!