Thursday, November 09, 2006


SB and I are going to see "The Phantom of the Opera" tonight! His parents bought us tickets as kind of a" recovering and getting back in the swing of living" treat! I have never seen this show, but it is one I have really wanted to see and just never have! We are going to get dressed up and have a great time! Great big shout out to Muggins and Gumpa for our big night!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Time for a new post! Wouldn't you agree?!!

This past weekend was marked by yet another year of my life passing away! I had decided years ago that 35 was going to be the perfect year - I have since decided that all the years are the perfect year! Each year is special and holds dear memories for different reasons. I am really enjoying being me! I love my husband, my awesome kids, my extended family, my friends both far and near AND I am absolutely loving my new VACUUM cleaner (thanks mom and dad for getting me an ORECK!!!!!- all in all I am really loving life. My mother and father in law bought SB and I tickets to see Phantom of the Opera this week. I have never ever seen this before in any form and am very excited to get to do something so different.

We celebrated the passing of the year with a trip to the zoo and a ride on the zoo train. It was a gorgeous day and felt great to be outside hanging out with those I love. While at the zoo, I took this picture and I think it is one of my all time favorites - Mugs, A says you should paint this one! Notice B's pants are his baseball pants and in his hip pocket is his camera! He is really getting tall!