Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Secret Santa - this one is for you!

You (well three of you, anyway!) were almost caught tonight! You guys are super SNEAKY and are making this super fun for us! I actually found myself singing Christmas songs tonight coming home from the grocery store! So, thanks for that!

We can't put the picture of us in our reindeer headbands up because - well, if you read the post below you will see that we can't upload pictures because I can't find the wires I need! go figure!

Don't let the fact that we are trying to catch you keep you away! See ya soon! Oh - and if you find a bag already on our porch - it's yours!!!

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

HeeHeeHee, Secret Santa's delivering elves might change every night! You can try and catch us but we are much to quick on the flight!
We Love you!

Pinky said...

Sneaky or not - we heart what you are doing for us!!

Anonymous said...

Whoever the Secret Santa is, I say thank you for helping Pinky get the spirit. You guys are making this fun for even me in Houston.

Pinky's Mom