Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fort Wayne - Michele is that you?

Okay, so one of the fun blog toys I have on my blog is a blog map. If you have a blog, you really should get this. Click here to find out more. It tracks recent blog hits from various places. I have had visits from Egypt, Nairobi, Iceland and just recently I had a hit from Ft Wayne, Indiana - Is that you, Michele? If it is - I miss you! Leave me a comment so we can reconnect!


yo_mama said...

Yes, this is me...Michele. You always thought yo_mama was "Grant," but it's been me the whole time.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how funny, you have to "yo mama's". Michele got you!


Pinky said...

mom, you are so very funny- you really thought that yo mama was michele! Yo, mom said you are such a bum! and MOm you are so gullible!

yo_mama said...

You don't believe me?