Thursday, June 08, 2006

Bahama Mama

Ok! I am back after a brief respite to the Bahamas. I know, it was really rough and mean of me to be gone for so long on the ole blog. I am back and rolling - so to say! (hee hee)

Anyone interested in our scuba trip and what we did? Well I will tell you anyway. We had a great time. We saw boats and planes that had been sunk for one reason or another (mostly to film movies - they say that most movies with underwater scenes have been filmed in the Bahamas.) On one of our dives we swam amongst the fish - our dive guide was on the boat feeding the fish - they were parrot fish and seargent majors. I think that was one of my favorite dives. We got to dive deep, I went 85 feet and Sb went 101 feet (shame on him). There was a wall (that is when the coral drops off from about 45 ft to 6500ft!) That was a little eerie but cool at the same time.

We also saw the fence that surrounds the area where Sean Connery's Bahamas house is! We also saw lots of rain - but we didn't mind it. We haven't seen rain or thunderstorms in ages! One night we even woke up to the loudest thunder ever - it shook our room. Not to mention that when you scuba it doesn't matter if it rains because you get wet anyway.

We went with a big group of about 65 people. Loved, loved, loved the people. Met some fantastic peeps! Wish I could've gotten to know them more.

I don't have too many pictures to post right now but will have tons in a week or two. The pictures here are the view from my poolside lounge chair and the hotel with stormy rain clouds behind it.


tsyr mu (a loving mother) said...

oooh, so awesome that you do this! Did you get to take any photos underwater? I'm glad you are back...I totally missed my almost daily phone calls/online chats.

How did the kids do while you were gone? Anybody get sick? Or did they get that out of their system beforehand? Do tell, Hopscotch...How was it?

Kelly said...

I can't wait to see more pictures! I'm so glad y'all had a good time. The Bahamas is a beautiful place.

LaughterThoughts said...

oh, nice! LT is feeling a bit envious. :-) So glad you had a great time!! ....especially since you've been waiting so long to go on the trip. Thankfully, there were no more postponements!

Mrs. J said...

I have to try to guess--is that the Sheraton Hotel in the background? You must be on Paradise Island? Am I right?


Pinky said...

no - we are at the wyndham in nassau. so - that makes you not right! Good guess though