Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sixbit's 35th Birthday

Today was Sixbit's birthday. We had a nice slow and easy day (unless you were Sixbit - who biked 50 miles and ran 9 miles!). Boo wanted to give SB something very special for his birthday so he gave him Puppy! SB said that he couldn't possibly take puppy - maybe for a sleepover for a night - but not forever. A gave SB her special caremello candy bar she got from her teacher for "caring so much" over the year. C wrote SB a special birthday poem and made him a card.

His favorite kind of cake is a chocolate roll up. I have made these in the past and are really yummy. I set about making this for him today and seemed to have major problems. It turns out that it was way toooo thin and stuck to the towel and wouldn't release. Therefore you couldn't roll it up. The comments were:

  • Culinary treat
  • Dessert never looked so good
  • Place your orders now
  • That is the best cake ever
  • Very tasty
  • Something about a new recipe that should be in all the cookbooks

Would you say they were being nice or sarcastic. We ate it anyway and SB was excited because he thinks I need to redeem myself tomorrow and make another one.


tsyr mu (a loving mother) said...

cant stop laughing about the cake...really...i can't! ...
sorry, i'm still laughing...oh my, there are actually tears in my eyes...I can actually hear sixbit saying "very tasty" oh my,
sure do miss you guys
Happy Bday to sixbit
BTW, how did he like that cheap little gift you got him?

Kelly said...

that's hilarious!

Anonymous said...


Your cake looks so yummy!!! I doubt if I could make one as great!

Pinky needs to correct that asap!

We love you and hope you have a great week.


LaughterThoughts said...

As we always tell the kids, it tastes the same no matter HOW it looks!! I would be glad to eat a piece of the chocolate roll-up right now! Instead of rolled-up it's just rolled-out. :-)

And M wants to know if SixBit got the birthday card she made him. I emailed it so it would make it on time. :-)

Anonymous said...

Did SixBits say anything about the ones his mother used to make for his birthday? That would have been in TERRIBLE TASTE which I know the cake wasn't. I bet it tasted great.
I have a feeling you aren't practicing on that cake often enough and we do lose our touch.
I tried to make an old family favorite this week that I haven't done in years. I could not even understand the recipe I'd written, seemed to me I'd left out lots of necessary information on things.
I too have made cakes that looked like that. I've been known to forget the butter, even leave out the sugar.
Great to see that you could enjoy the cake and it will be a treasured memory. One never forgets those special occasions that have special food like that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pinky!

I'm so excited that you're blogging. I don't have a blog, but I read tons of 'em. Anyway, I'm glad I will be able to keep up with what's going on in your life. Tell SB Happy Birthday from the Koehlers! Love, Denise