Monday, June 12, 2006

Domestic Diva

Well the verdict is finally in and it is looking glum. I always thought that once that you had a laundry line hanging in your backyard that life was over! Not to mention being excited about having one - I have actually been wanting one all summer! Every morning we go to swim team and then come home and hang the swimsuits and towels over chairs. I just kept thinking how wonderful it would be to have a laundry line - so I found one at Lowe's that is retractable! (and I am so thrilled to have it!!) Notice the underwear hanging at the far end and the clothes pins in the lower left side (eek! did I really just say clothes pin?) Okay - at least it isn't in the front yard!
I think now I am an official Domestic Diva. Or maybe not. . . you decide!


LaughterThoughts said...
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LaughterThoughts said...

So is that all it takes to be a domestic diva?! Yay! I'm right on track then-- Just call me little Martha. I have been wanting a retractable line for our yard since we moved in. I don't use the backs of chairs... just the top of the fence. :-) Except now, lots of my laundry fence is covered in vines, so it doesn't work too well. (Do you remember at our old house, I had a chain, hanging from nails, strung up across the back patio?) I'll have to bug N about a REAL clothesline again... he's always at Lowe's or Home Depot anyways!

Pinky said...

it is soo worth it! my kids are loving hanging their swimsuits and towels now! it is in the laundry section and only costs about $9.75!! so worth it!