Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sunday Morning News

So, here we are on Sunday morning - the kids and Brent having left home this morning at 9:10 to go to church only to return at 10. C was saying her tummy hurt and she thought she might - well you get the picture! Anyway it has been the weekend for ickiness. I was literally in bed all day yesterday except for the hour and a half I was sitting at the soccer field in the freezing cold, blowing wind and snow pellets. (and all that to watch The Mighty Leprachauns lose a very hideously sad game 0-8!) A says "Ouch!" and I am inclined to agree with her. I am thinking that those poor little freezing girls don't play so well in that kind of weather!

I am posting a link to this cool blog I found off my friend More Water's site. It is called girl talk and I think it has some neat things to say. Right now this site is talking about marriage and how we can make our hubbies feel more like we love them. (well- I couldn't figure out how to say that, so that is what you get.) You should check them out. Also, Girls - it has a picture of a tshirt that says "I love my Husband"! I guess we are one up on that -- that is such old news and style!!


Mrs. J said...

Totally!! I completely thought of our little crowd when I saw those shirts!

Sad to hear you're not feeling well--we were wondering if you were out of town or something--did you get any of our messages?

Anyway, thank goodness for blogs cause we wondered why the Guesses left church/why you weren't there. Hope you feel better soon!

Kelly said...

ladies, you can thank me for that fashion-forward idea. i'm always on top of the latest fact, i SET the trends!