Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What Not to Do to an Oven

Domestic Goddess I am not. You have to know NOT to lift up on the heating element while the oven is on and clean the floor of the oven - because if you do that your oven might end up looking like mine! B and his dad found out that it cannot be fixed due to the fact that GE doesn't make the part to our 1966 oven that exploded anymore (ie...new oven for me!!) Check back soon for the unveiling of the new oven!!


Kelly said...

is it getting fixed?

Patrick & Jasmine said...

I hope you didn't hurt yourself! At least there wasn't Speghetti sauce involved! We'll be praying that you get a great deal on a cool new oven. Patrick wants to know if you're planning on get one that's the same color as your old one?
Funny post! You always teach us to laugh about everything family life brings! Love, Pat & Jaz

Pinky said...

Jaz- you are so funny!! I had forgotten about the spaghetti - and I most asuredly am glad that spaghetti wasn't involved this time! thanks for yoru prayers about the cool new oven!
tell pat that we got a newer updated color!