Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I just wanted to share my front garden with you all. I was extremely surprised to see a white iris growing (not only one but several). I really can't remember ever seeing one of those in my garden before. I don't think I planted it and I know the neighbor across the street has some white ones but I don't think they can spread so far like some other flowers can. So, what I am trying to say is that I do not know where they came from but am certainly glad they came to my garden!

The other iris is just so pretty with its dual tones. I feel so proud of my garden - this is the time of year that it shines. It is a bulb garden, so the rest of the year it is just green without much color. I always try to grow annuals but never have much luck. Maybe it is because I start too late. I am so proud of it but I can't really take much credit for it since most of the bulbs were here before we moved in.

I hope you enjoy the blooms!


LaughterThoughts said...


You always had such beautiful cosmos out there. Did you plant those or had did they pop up from seed? (We have some in our garden, but they come up from seed.) Those are more summery flowers, so maybe I can see some when we visit. :-)

Pinky said...

i planted cosmos seeds. They got so tall and the roots were so shallow that the wind just knocked them right out of the ground! I don't have any more cosmos.

LaughterThoughts said...

the wind blew ours a lot,too. but most of them were growing up behind this river willow (that also popped up on its on) and its little trunks sort of locked them in and kept them from blowing all the way over.

kbg said...

Nice irises. Ours have foliage, but no flower stalks yet. They are tough plants in this climate. I had too many once and pitched the rest over a fence. They grew better than the ones I planted. Now I just throw them on the surface when I transplant them and stamp on them. They seem to do great. Nice to have a few plants like that. Ours are mostly the common purple. The few white and salmon colored that we have bloom about a week earlier than the others

Anonymous said...

Your iriseseses are beautiful. Maybe you can teach someone here how you do it!


Anonymous said...

love the picture!!!! soccerprincess