Friday, March 02, 2007

Mommy Necklace

I just love my "mommy" necklace. My friend Sillybug and Sandi gave it to me for helping them in LA at the CHA show. I cried when they gave it to me - never mind the fact that I hadn't really slept AT ALL for a few nights and was pretty much emotionally wiped - I have never had "mommy" jewlery! I love it!


Bobbingforair said...

Hey girl! Love to be able to see your lives unfold! Finally gotten around to showing off ours...check it out -

Love ya!
Janie and Hill

LaughterThoughts said...

i need one! :)

hey check out this link:
hopefully it works!

LaughterThoughts said...

hmmm... doesn't look like it worked. trying one more time:

click here

LaughterThoughts said...

okay finally figured it out (maybe!)-- had to go take a quick html tutorial!:)

click HERE

Pinky said...

where on earth did you find that, LT?

LaughterThoughts said...

same place as this one:

LT in German you can translate entire webpages. just for kicks (since i have such a broad spectrum of readers! ha,ha!)i might add a "translate" section to my blog's sidebar.

yo_mama said...

Why do you have a friend named Sillybug?

Pinky said...

Yo - don't you?