Friday, April 06, 2007

Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny

Did you guys know that the Tooth Fairy knows the Easter Bunny and if your child wants to tell the Easter Bunny something that they can write a letter to the EB and ask put it under the pillow and have the TF deliver it? Well, it is the truth!! I have it on eye witness that the TF and the EB play Bingo each Tuesday and Friday.

Funny things heard here at our house lately,

  • Wow! I love my clean room! (B)

  • What the Hillbilly! (All)

I love to hear the funny things! If you have any funny things you have heard kids say go ahead and post those here! I'd love to hear them!


Patrick & Jasmine said...

Kristin says, "Wow look at all those bluebonnets. Everyone doesn't see that everyday."
Shannon was having a 2 yr old fit and in response to me scolding him, he said, "I'm not bad, I so happy."
Lauryn just blows bubbles... :)

Anonymous said...

Samantha was watching tv recentkt, Mars Attacks, and she referred to the aliens as the "Killer Margins". When Mom wanted to clarify the word Margins, Samantha corrected herself to say Merchants. Poor girl, she finally got Martians right!! Is she blond or what!!!!

Also, when the twins were small and they were in the car with the sun shining in their eyes, their cries were--"Mom, the sun is looking at me!!!"

the bergans

LaughterThoughts said...

when changing S's oh-so-messy-and-stinky diarrhea pants, she stops amid all the fussing and crying, looks down and sees the smelly mess i'm mopping up from everything... and out of her mouth comes a little giggle and "Oatmeal!" Then she started whining again.

Anonymous said...

oh we're so stealing that saying! "What the hillbilly?" Ha! My kids will love that one. :)

Jennifer said...

Eliana's big thing right now whenever we are telling her, "No," or disciplining her is to pitifully cry, "Don't make me sad!"