Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I was wondering if any of you have any video footage of Sixbit in any fashion doing whatEVER! I want to put something together and can you believe that I don't really have much footage. There is a site that I have that you can upload your footage to -if it is digital or you can simply mail me a cd. I would be so GRATEFUL.


Megan said...

I know Grant and Kelly have some great Sixbit footage from a White Elephant party a few years ago. They said it is absolutely hilarious. Knowing Sixbit, I believe it!

E5A said...

We have the footage from Abigail's Birthday. I think I put it on the CD I made for you but if I didn't, tell me where to download it and I will. We also have footage from the Elephant man Triathlon that Matt was at with Sixbit.

Pinky said...

oh GREAT!!! email me or I will email with the upload info

i will check on the cd Erin and see if there is some on it. i can't remember.

tsyr mu (a loving mother) said...

o.k. so i totally uploaded my video to flipdrive under the video section...where, I might add, I watched a video of...er, maybe Sam playing a ...er, horn? very cute! It was up on the rooftop :)
but, i also made a little flick for y'all on my SMILE blog.
Love you!
p.s. how are my cats doing these days :)

PlumBug said...

Don't I wish.