Monday, April 28, 2008

Guess STINKIN What!?!

Tomorrow, April 29th is FREE CONE DAY at Ben and Jerrys! GO! GO! GO! - But don't get in line ahead of us!!!! We are going in honor of the man who introduced us to Free Cone Day - Sixbit, himself - who never EVER missed a Free Cone Day once he learned of its existence! So, here's to you "Never miss a Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry's" man! (doesn't that sound a little like those beer commercials?)


Anonymous said...

Since we have no Ben and Jerry's anywhere near here, my free cone is gonna cost me $3 for a pint of New York Super Fudge Crunch or something else, however I intend to celebrate with you


Anonymous said...

Wednesday night is the $.39 promo at Baskin Robbins. Ice Cream two nights in a row! Wahoo!

Bronson Boy's said...

Oh man we don't have a Ben & Jerry's here where we are. Make sure you eat a cone for me and one for my birthday boy! My baby turned 10 today. I'm a ice cream junkie. A major down fall of mine.
Enjoy your day. Sending love and hugs.

LaughterThoughts said...

I can definitely hear that being said in that beer commercial voice. Now just add a couple "duuude, dude, duuude" in there!

Whelp, there's no Ben & Jerry's 'round these parts... hmmm... I'll have to settle for a scoop from the freezer. :)