Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday, April 19

WE are super duper excited to see our friends from There's Treasure blog. Her and her little boy are coming for a visit - they get here today. She is so fun and we all miss them very much. They moved away almost 2 years ago - wow! has it really been that long?!

C has her last soccer game of the season today and it is a beautiful day for a last soccer game. The weather here has been so weird - Thursday we woke to snow flurries when the day before we were all talking about being hot! And then on Friday it went back to short sleeve weather. If you know me at all - then you know that I would much rather it be warm than cold. So bring on the beautiful weather.

Please pray for a "no cancer" report from the drs on Monday for my dad. He is headed to Houston to MD Anderson to get started with this next phase of treatment. AND God is definitely able to make this prayer a reality.

Have a GREAT weekend! I know we will!

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Anonymous said...

so glad megan could come stay with us