Sunday, May 07, 2006

New Header! YAY

A and I played around tonight and figured out how to put a picture for the header background. We had to try and try and try . . . finally we figured out the right combination. Of course, there are still some small glitches. But. . . I am tired and don't want to fool around with this any more tonight. I am off to bed and maybe someday soon I will play around some more and tweak it to perfection. I like having all of our pictures in the title. The picture was something I just threw together - I didn't want to put too much effort, in it in case it didn't work. I would have been extra fustrated!

Hopefully, the weekend was good for everyone. I am going to blog about my weekend tomorrow. So, tune in if you want to hear about our first Saturday at home in over 378 million weekends (or so it seems!).


Kelly said...

i love how you squeezed jumpy in there, too! looks great!

Pinky said...


LaughterThoughts said...

looks great! you can see i tried something similar last night... had it too big at first, and then too small. but i was too tired and left it where it was at. i didn't put any cool pics, though... just some paisley paper.:) what dimensions did it need to be?
p.s. we had a rare weekend home, too! i didn't know what to do without a game or something to be at!

Anonymous said...

I think it looks great! The whole family. Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I told you you had the knack.