Monday, May 08, 2006

Ma'ams and Homeless Men

I know I said I would blog about my weekend - but my day was too blogworthy not to blog about it instead! I am going to try and recap.

First off, I took B to the dr - he has had a goopy green snotty nose for about a month now. I kept thinking it would just go away and it never did. Turns out he has a sinus infection. Well, no big deal there. We go to Target and fill his prescription (never used their pharmacy before) - and did you know they have colored rings to color code family members! That was just one of the highlights of my day. I know - it doesn't take much.

I take B back to school and help out in his class and then come home and start on my list. I had everything all planned - mind you. While I was starting on my list, I hear a loud thump above my head in the ceiling. Now, I have to explain that last night I heard the loud thump at 11:30 and B and I investigated and found nothing - although we did not look in the attic. So, this afternoon I was totally freaked and convinced myself that a homeless man had moved into the attic. So, I grabbed my stuff and left very hastily, I must say. After much consideration, I came home and called my neighbor who came over to stand guard while I - well - used the facilities. ;0) She looked in the attic and GUESS WHAT!! To my surprise - there was NO homeless man. She did not find anything! Go figure.

Anyway, I was out and about running errands and some high school punk asked, "Can I help you ma'am?" Can you believe it?! I don't think I have ever been called ma'am.

And then tonight was my first PTO meeting as president. I was so prepared and had door prizes and agendas and you name it - I was so organized. But. . . I blew it. Our meeting started at 6:30 and we didn't get out until 9:00! I had to email everyone with a sincere apology. I promised never to have a 2 page agenda again. I guess, chalk it up to lack of experience.

In spite of it all, I actually got most of my list done. Just not the watering, vaccumming or cleaning for 45 minutes. Oh well, I will just try again tomorrow.


yo_mama said...

If a homeless man lives in your attic he's no longer a homeless man--just a man.

Pinky said...

hmmm.... didn't really think of it that way. Thanks for your insight.

Mrs. J said...

It has to be a critter. I advise gentle traps.

My brother did find a homeless man sleeping in his fort once. The H.M. cussed at my brother, who then ran away. We should have brought him soup.

Congratulations on your first stint as Pres. I'm tempted to go to a meeting just to see you in action!

Pinky said...

You are way too funny Mrs. J. i assure you there is nothing to see at my meetings!

I can't believe your brother really found a HM in his fort! How old was your brother? What a freaky thing but like you said - what an opportunity - if you can get past the freaky part!

So glad you are back. I was starting to get worried - didn't know about your trip. How was your thesis thingy?

yo_mama said...

I don't think the HM in Mrs J's story was an HM either. It sounds like he was a FM...a fortFUL man. Was your brother's fort made out of cardboard boxes by any chance?

Mrs. J said...

Pinky, I think my brother was like 10 or 11. Thanks for remembering the trip--thesis update soon on my bloggy.

Gra, I mean, yo_mama, I think the fort was made out of sticks and a tarp, maybe some construction materials. If he wasn't an HM, he might have been a naughty teenager who got locked out after curfew.

Anonymous said...

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