Saturday, May 13, 2006

Pigs and Horses

The other night, Kandid Kiwi came over early before Survivor. It was a beautiful night so C, A, KK and I all played horse and pig. Well, actually I watched while KK and C played a monumentally long game of horse where C won! This picture is of her victory dance. So, then I wanted to play and we all decided we had better play something shorter. Pig it was! Unfortunately, I was the first one out! This seems to be a pattern. See the chicks poker article! I want everyone to notice how low the basket is. How pathetic for me, huh?!! Also, I want everyone to notice KK's big dunk. Isn't she awesome! Well, we had a great time anyway.


Kelly said...

Oh yeah! I dunked on A! I don't know what you're referring to about the basket being low. It was at regulation height!

Pinky said...

uh - oh - oh yeah! That is right! The basket was regulation height - FOR A MIDGET!!!

LaughterThoughts said...

so those girls couln't talk you into a game of HIPPOPOTAMUS? i remember doing that with my dad!!:-) i think, though, that it was shortened to HIPPO mid-game.

speaking of survivor, what's with the "to be continued..."???? totally UNCOOL. i've got the vcr set up for tomorrow night... hopefully i just remember to put a tape in and turn on the timer. :-) sometimes the kids watch a video, and then that messes me all up.

Anonymous said...

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