Thursday, May 25, 2006

Taxi Cab Driver

I am gonna copy Kk and Miss Miss with my post about the meyer's and briggs personality test. I just took it and think it is probably right on the money. I tested as an ESTP (extraverting, sensing, thinking, perceiving) and here is the description of that:

Caring, generous, cooperative, and enjoys helping others. Friendly, gregarious, energetic, vivacious, and charming. Often the life of the party. Tolerant and accepting of self and others. Has practical common sense. Accentuates the positive. Enjoys new experiences and has zest for life. Really like the charming part!!!

And then it has a section on typical jobs that might fit with my personality (how they came to these conclusions is way beyond me!)

  • animal groomer or trainer, occupational therapist, special events coord. athletic coach, performer, teacher, physical therapist, transportation operative, designer police officer dietician professional athlete, travel agent, fitness instructor, public relations specialist, veterinarian, fund-raiser, real-estate agent, medical assistant, recreation worker, musician, salesperson, nurse, social worker

I think this is a funny list and especially like the transportation operative (does that mean a taxi driver?)

What a great waste of 15 minutes. If you have 15 minutes to spare why don't you take this extremely insightful test!!


LaughterThoughts said...

I think you'd look great behind the wheel of a yellow cab... but I think driving a trolley or double-decker bus would be even better!:-)

Pinky said...

you're too funny. Actually, i do drive taxi - it's just bronze instead of yellow and the passengers don't pay a thing!