Wednesday, May 24, 2006

YAY Neighbor Boys!!!

Neighbors are the coolest!! I love my neighbor. She has 2 sons who are in high school (well, actually one that just graduated last week) - anyway they helped me to move my big desk from the office room to the "red chair" room (which doesn't even have a red chair in it anymore!). SO, I give a BIG shout out to you 2 - Peter and Ben - your ice cream gift cards are on their way! I suppose I need to mention that these boys had been out working in their grandparents yard all day in the heat and they came home to me requesting their help! I also need to mention that my desk is all wood and all one piece. They had to take the door of the frame to get it outside so we could bring it through a big enough door to fit.

See, I was so stinkin inspired this past weekend and decided that I needed an inspiring place to continue to be inspired. I am still working on my space and this was a much bigger job than I had anticipated. (aren't they all!!) I have some really fun and great ideas and can't wait to get started!


LaughterThoughts said...

mmmm... so where's the red chair these days? sitting in that chair would be very inspiring to me... inpsiring me to take a good cozy nap. i could use a red chair room-- with your red chair in it, of course!!

was this the computer desk? will the desk serve only for scrapbooking inspiration, or will you bring your computer out to it (for blogging inspiration maybe!), also?

Pinky said...

my laptop will sit on it but the big comp is on the card table in the comp room (office!). The big red chair is in by the tv.

tsyr mu (a loving mother) said...

Keep the photos coming...I can't wait to see how it blossoms. I'm a little jealous I must admit. When is my stinking Hobby Hideaway going to be ready...I NEED IT!

I hate waiting.... :)

Kelly said...

can you stop saying "stinkin"? that's all you've been saying since you've been back from this crazy trip of yours!!

yo_mama said...

Maybe you could give them frozen custard instead of ice cream gift cards. I hear the custard is really goo, but I wouldn't know.

yo_mama said...

That was supposed to be "good." It's probably goo too though.