Friday, July 14, 2006

Big Winner

OK - I am a day late. But... there is a clear winner here. The number i picked was 695. I wanted to take a picture of the prize, but I am feeling way too lazy for that. The prize is very person specific. I picked out the prize yesterday after I knew who won. It is a cute little red scrapbook with gingham red ribbon to tie it closed and a dog chew toy - hmmm who could the winner be? You guessed it (or maybe not) - it is you, Kelly! I will get it to you soon.

I like doing giveaways. I'll have to do another one someday. Be watching!!!


LaughterThoughts said...

aww, bummer. :-P ppphhhtttfff!


congrats, kelly!

Kelly said...

pinky...i'm here in sandusky, ohio, about to head off to cedar point, and i decided to check the blogs. i'm so glad i did! yay for me!

yo_mama said...

I didn't know Watley submitted a number.

LaughterThoughts said...

hey pinks-- look-- no sock monkey... i have "lots" of messin' around time with n working graveyard! are you at your convention thing right now? or are you still in summer slacker mode?
;-) ha ha!