Friday, July 21, 2006

Where in the world is Pinks?

Just a quick note to let you all what the heck I am doing right now!

I am at CHA (a trade show for the crafting community) with my dear dear friend Marchelle. We are having a BLAST. Don't get me wrong, it is soooo much work! We unveiled Across the St.'s new product. It is called Lazy Letters and it is a organization tote for all those stinkin' scrapbook letters that are just all over and everywhere. There isn't anything like it out right now and so there is a HUGE response to it.

I miss everyone and am looking forward to getting back to posting more regularly. Pray for this trip and that we will continue to be met with so much enthusiasm.

By the way, the kids are with my folks on the annual Cousin Cruise on Southern Cross (my parent's sailboat!) and SixBit is home holding down the fort - I miss you SixBit!!!


LaughterThoughts said...

exciting! i checked out the website-- looks pretty cool! glad it's going well.

what's the weather like your way? (is it 111 deg?!) whatever the temperature, i'm sure your CHA stuff is in a nice air conditioned building, though!:-)

hope you continue having a great response!

Mrs. J said...

We miss you here too Pinks!

SixBit said...

Uh - who is holding down the fort? I didn't know I was supposed to do that.

You better get some Chicago pizza before you come back.

Sell Sell Sell!!!!!

LaughterThoughts said...

hey six-- when are you gonna post on your big race or something??!!

Pinky said...

oh honey - you are doing great job holding down the fort! wish you were here! love ya