Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Daisy Bag

This is new Daisy Bag - it is reversible and has 6 pockets which can be on the outside or inside! check it out here


Jill said...

OK, so I love everything in your Etsy shop. But I MUST HAVE this bag. Have you seen the ink-stained cloth bag from an ESL conference that I carry my books and things around in? Let me know if I should order it online or go straight to the artist. I hope it comes with a bunch of "daisylicious" business cards so that I can whip them out when people ask me where I got it.

tinkerwiththis said...

lovely! really great job and i heart corduroy!

Pinky said...

jill - you are a riot! call me!!

tinker - thanks - these bags are so much fun to make!!!

yo_mama said...

At least post one more time so we don't have to look at a bag for a few weeks. How about a post about a Maui sunset.