Monday, December 10, 2007

Meet the NEW Crew

Give a big WARM welcome to our newest additions - Sixbit and Romo (Romo is the one with the blue collar and SB is the other)

Thanks to Smile for the new kitties!


m1rabbit said...

WHAT!!!! Smile bought two??? How many times did you slap her Pinky? Well, I imagine the kids are going crazy with 2 new kittens in the house. How is Jumpy taking it? I hope you'll post some pictures of the kids & kittens soon. Love you all!

E5A said...

Cute! My kids can't wait to see them! How fun!

Kelly said...

looks like jumpy has some new friends!

kbg said...

Nice looking kittens.
I think my boys would go nuts (in a good way) if I got them two indoor cats


His alone said...

Guess',"Are they both all black?" We need more details. I was betting you'd get a grey one with Staci and can't tell if they are black or grey. Also is there any personality traits we should know about? Like are they guard kittens? His alone

Anonymous said...

Too cute, pinky! We added a newbie
to our family, too! He's all black, too.
His name is Harry Allison. Too bad they can't get together for a play-date! :)Love to everyone!

yo_mama said...

So the calendar was finally right?

Pinky said...

something like that! ;o)

LaughterThoughts said...

So I guess the "no pet policy" is no longer in effect?!?! :):):)

Kittens around the house are so much fun. The kids will love that, I'm sure!