Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday My Love


Jan said...

Oh! Ouch...such a bitter sweet day. My thoughts are with you!

mory said...

The year of firsts. How hard but continue to stay focused on Him as Brent would have wanted you to (and you are doing - even though it probably does not make the pain any easier). The wonderful memories you have!
Praying for you.

LaughterThoughts said...

I've been thinking about today all week. What a special day it is.

A friend of mine had her baby this morning- I was thinking I would have liked to have had MY baby today... if it weren't so early still. I think that would've been really neat.

Are you off to have that birthday party I've heard was planned?

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Brent. {{{{Hugs to you and the kids, Edie}}}}
Love, Denise

Pinky said...

Yes - we are making a cake and taking a picnic out to the cemetery. LT - that would have been extra special to have little jelly bean today. BUT God has something even specialER for little jelly bean. Miss you guys!

tsyr mu (a loving mother) said...

I have been so full of thought today. I had plans today to do this and that but God had other plans. I just ended up getting my hands dirty and working in the yard. There are so many parables about seeds in the Bible and life, growth, death all runs along side them. I just prayed and prayed for the sweet seeds that SixBit has left behind. Not only his children and wife, but even today a co-worker of Rob asked me, "Did I ever tell you how your friend's loss impacted my life? My life has not been the same since." My heart skipped a beat as it always does when I think of how far reaching God's kingdom is and how God works. She went on to say, "He went to sleep and never woke up." And, I of course responded with Pinky's response to little C-bug, "Oh, honey, Daddy woke up...He just woke up in Heaven."
I long to be with you ladybug!